Side Dishes

Awesome Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing

Submitted by: Caroline Chin, AXON CTS

“I make this stuffing for my family every Thanksgiving and Christmas and it has become a holiday staple. We customize ours to be vegetarian and serve separately, but it can be easily modified to taste. The fresh fruit and parsley really help to make this stuffing a lighter, fresher option. You won’t use a stuffing mix ever again!”

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Suitsulõhega kasukas (Estonian Layered Salad with Smoked Salmon)

Submitted by: Katrin Sermat, Montreal

“A variation on rosolje, a popular dish that is an essential part of the Estonian Christmas Eve buffet table. Originating in Russia in the mid-nineteenth century, rosolje was quickly adopted by the Estonians and is still popular today. Unlike rosolje, which is stirred to blend before serving, the kasukas version is made and served in a big glass bowl that shows off all the layers, like a trifle. The beets give it a dramatic pink hue. Traditionally, the salad is prepared with matjes herring, a Scandinavian pickled herring—not to be confused with rollmops or other styles of pickled herring. If you don’t like herring or can’t find it, smoked salmon works well. ”

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Turnip Bake

Submitted by: Deborah Bruce, Toronto

“Puts a twist on the traditional turnip side dish that we all ate with our holiday meal growing up. ”

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