Main Dishes

Ackee and Saltfish (Codfish)

Submitted by: Nadia Sajous, AXON New York

“This is a traditional Jamaican dish usually served for breakfast. It's special to me because it is one of my favorite dishes that my mother would make on holidays for our family breakfast.”

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Asian-style Flank Steak

Submitted by: Jean-Alexandre D'Etcheverry, Montreal

“This recipe is tasty and easy to prepare. It’s been one of my favourite comfort foods for years. ”

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Baked French Toast

Submitted by: Allison Pothier, Halifax

“This is a Pothier family tradition - served every Christmas morning! It just tastes like Christmas. ”

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Bear Meat Stew in Beer

Submitted by: Éric Cardinal, Montreal

“I’m fascinated by the history of the First Nations and I also love to cook, so I like to try recipes created by aboriginal chefs or inspired by their traditional foods. The bear is a very important animal for First Nations in Ontario and Quebec, not only as a source of food but also in their mythology, where it symbolizes strength. Some aboriginal hunters place an offering of tobacco on the bear’s muzzle before butchering it. If you can get hold of some bear meat, you must try this recipe!”

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Easy Christmas Morning Breakfast

Submitted by: Brandon Carroll, Halifax

“This easy-to-make twist on french toast is something my mother makes every Christmas morning, but it can be enjoyed any time of the year. It's great because you can prepare it the night before on Christmas Eve, and pop it in the oven while you're blearily opening presents on Christmas morning. It's the definition of breakfast comfort food, with bacon, cheese, bread, and eggs— It's the perfect thing to lull you into a post-present-opening food coma.”

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Goat Cheese, Leek and Spinach Quiche

Submitted by: Nancy Arab, Calgary

“This is a recipe I found on WebMD (that came from that I've modified a bit. It's easy to make, stores and freezes well and tastes great warm or cold. ”

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Green Pozole (Pork Stew with Corn and Green Salsa)

Submitted by: Leo Artalejo, Halifax

“I grew up on the border of Mexico and Texas and in my family we would eat pozole at Christmas. It's a hearty warming soup full of bright, fresh and just spicy enough flavours. often better the next day as warmed up leftovers.”

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Guinness Ribs

Submitted by: Gabriel Beauséjour, Montreal

“Nothing says Christmas like a steaming bowl of Guinness spare ribs. Enjoy a feed of ribs in front of the fireplace while watching a Christmas movie with your favourite people. Wash it all down with a good stout and you’ll forget all your cares. This is an easy recipe that tastes great. ”

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Honey Baked Ham

Submitted by: Kristen Hawker, Halifax

“My Mom has been making this ham, along with a turkey, every Thanksgiving and Christmas since I can remember. It’s a family favourite.”

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Peking Style Pork Chops

Submitted by: Jennifer Chang, AXON New York

“This is a family favorite. I grew up eating it (on special occasions) and now I make it as a special treat for friends and family. ”

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Swedish-Style Salmon

Submitted by: Christophe Sanders, RES PUBLICA

“This is simple comfort food. The Swedes traditionally make it in the summer, but I find it works just as well in the winter. Serve for lunch or dinner with potatoes, a green salad and a glass of white wine.”

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Traditional Tourtière

Submitted by: Kim West, Halifax

“This recipe is a favourite of my husband, becoming part of our family tradition. I am only too happy to make his tourtière to serve over the Christmas holiday. ”

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Turkey with Walnut-Cranberry Stuffing

Submitted by: Turkey lover, Montreal

“This is by far the best turkey recipe we’ve ever tried. We tested a number of recipes and this one was the clear winner. It’s become our signature dish at Christmas! ”

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Veal-stuffed Cannelloni

Submitted by: Serge Vallières, Montreal

“If you want to make this recipe exceptional, use the very best tomato sauce you can. Remember, this is what will make the difference between ordinary and absolutely divine.”

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Vegetarian Tourtière

Submitted by: Dominique Quirion, Montreal

“An excellent recipe so that vegetarian guests can enjoy a meatless but delicious version of this Christmas Eve classic.”

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