Pecan Pie

Submitted by: Amélie Forcier, Montreal

“The heavenly aroma and visual appeal of pecan pie make it the perfect comfort food. It’s the ideal dessert at the end of an elegant meal. The health benefits of pecans are not well known. They are high in antioxidants, which can help prevent age-related diseases. They are an excellent source of manganese and copper and a good source of zinc. Pecan pie is even more delicious with a scoop (or two!) of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!”

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Queen Elizabeth Cake

Submitted by: Chantal Benoit, Montreal

“Queen Elizabeth Cake is a Christmas Eve tradition in my family. This is my grandmother’s recipe, which brings back fond childhood memories. ”

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Rocky Mountain Squares

Submitted by: Kathryn Tector, Halifax

“They are a simple square my mother made for my brothers and I when we were young. We would eat a whole pan within minutes. The tradition has been passed along to my sons who devour them in seconds!”

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Scottish Shortbread

Submitted by: Juliane Landry, Quebec City

“This recipe has been handed down from generation to generation. I learned it from my grandmother, I made it with my mother, and now I’m continuing the tradition with my two-year-old daughter. It’s always been a big favourite!”

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Shortbread-Sugar Cookies

Submitted by: Alison Crocker, Toronto

“My Mom made this recipe every Christmas when I was growing up and she still makes it to this day! I always like cutting out the shapes and decorating the cookies with icing and sprinkles. ”

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Soft Lemon Drop Cookies

Submitted by: Kristen Hawker, Halifax

“My sister and I have been searching for the perfect lemon drop cookie for years. This is our adaptation of the best recipe we found. ”

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Sugar Cookies For Decorating

Submitted by: Tamara Little , Vancouver/Victoria

“At Christmas 2013 I decided to teach myself how to decorate cookies. Each batch is a unique experiment, guided by amazing online resources including blogs and Pinterest. These two recipes are adapted from I made these cookies with the recipes below and am going to try the new cute little cookie cutters this weekend!”

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Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Submitted by: Christin Roper, Halifax

“They're absolutely delicious! The splash of brandy gives the cookies a nutty undertone that pairs well with the sweetness of the icing. Make sure you wait until the icing is completely dry before packaging or serving - about 8 hours, or more if you can!”

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Swedish Almond Cake

Submitted by: Katrina Adamo, AXON New York

“I've always been surrounded by Swedish culture, as my ancestry is half Swedish and I grew up in New Sweden, Maine. Making this cake every holiday season helps me feel more connected to my family of the past and the present.”

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Submitted by: Kimberley Richardson, Madano

“Because I love baking and finding new treats. These townies - brownies baked in a tart case - are a great mince pie replacement.”

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Triple-Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Submitted by: Stephanie Jo, Calgary

“I made it for my niece's second Christmas and it's her favourite holiday treat. Every Christmas, for the past five years, I only make the cookies for her. She helps me bake the cookies and it's now a tradition, a bonding time for the two of us. ”

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Walnut Balls

Submitted by: Sandra Hunter, Calgary

“My mom makes them every Christmas and she is 83. They are oh so good!”

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