Holiday Drinks

Festivus Party Punch

Submitted by: Wendy Richmond, Vancouver/Victoria

“Festivus is a holiday celebrated on December 23 that serves as an alternative to participating in the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. The holiday's celebration includes a Festivus dinner, an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole. Activities include the Airing of Grievances, Feats of Strength, and the labeling of easily explainable events as Festivus miracles.”

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Tomato Tart

Submitted by: Marie-Christine Garon, Montreal

“This is a family recipe that reminds me of my childhood. Everyone in the family has served it at some point. ”

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Mango Shrimp Bites

Submitted by: Nathalie Cloutier, Quebec City

“This is the perfect appetizer to serve at a gathering of friends and family!”

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Curried mussels

Submitted by: Yvan Loubier, Quebec

“Fifteen years of patient experimentation to achieve perfection, and many disappointments with mussels ordered at restaurants.”

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Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

Submitted by: Stephanie Mitton, Ottawa

“This is an appetizer that we would often have for family events. It reminds me of home and special occations with my family. ”

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Mexican Turkey Hot Pot

Submitted by: Kathryn Tector, Halifax

“We love to make this wonderful hearty soup with leftover turkey. It is a holiday favourite! We enjoy it with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. ”

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Seafood Bouillabaisse

Submitted by: Tracy Rands, Halifax

“It's simple, delicious, and warms you right up on a cold winter's day. And it has wine in it.”

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Sauces and Dips

Seven Avocado Jingle Guac

Submitted by: Sean Payne, Saint John (NB)

“Guacamole is delicious! It's not particularly Christmas-y for many, but I feel it's the perfect treat to enjoy with friends and family beside the tree. Its beautiful green hue goes nicely with traditional holiday decor, and it pairs with turkey just as well as it does red corn chips. ”

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Cheesy Cheese Sauce

Submitted by: Ian Conrad, Halifax

“Warm and comforting on a cold winter's night, this cheese sauce will turn any broccoli nightmare into a cheesy broccoli dream come true, or simply enjoy in your favourite holiday mug by the fire with a good book.”

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Side Dishes

Suitsulõhega kasukas (Estonian Layered Salad with Smoked Salmon)

Submitted by: Katrin Sermat, Montreal

“A variation on rosolje, a popular dish that is an essential part of the Estonian Christmas Eve buffet table. Originating in Russia in the mid-nineteenth century, rosolje was quickly adopted by the Estonians and is still popular today. Unlike rosolje, which is stirred to blend before serving, the kasukas version is made and served in a big glass bowl that shows off all the layers, like a trifle. The beets give it a dramatic pink hue. Traditionally, the salad is prepared with matjes herring, a Scandinavian pickled herring—not to be confused with rollmops or other styles of pickled herring. If you don’t like herring or can’t find it, smoked salmon works well. ”

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Awesome Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing

Submitted by: Caroline Chin, AXON CTS

“I make this stuffing for my family every Thanksgiving and Christmas and it has become a holiday staple. We customize ours to be vegetarian and serve separately, but it can be easily modified to taste. The fresh fruit and parsley really help to make this stuffing a lighter, fresher option. You won’t use a stuffing mix ever again!”

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Turnip Bake

Submitted by: Deborah Bruce, Toronto

“Puts a twist on the traditional turnip side dish that we all ate with our holiday meal growing up. ”

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Main Dishes

Goat Cheese, Leek and Spinach Quiche

Submitted by: Nancy Arab, Calgary

“This is a recipe I found on WebMD (that came from that I've modified a bit. It's easy to make, stores and freezes well and tastes great warm or cold. ”

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Honey Baked Ham

Submitted by: Kristen Hawker, Halifax

“My Mom has been making this ham, along with a turkey, every Thanksgiving and Christmas since I can remember. It’s a family favourite.”

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Traditional Tourtière

Submitted by: Kim West, Halifax

“This recipe is a favourite of my husband, becoming part of our family tradition. I am only too happy to make his tourtière to serve over the Christmas holiday. ”

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Guinness Ribs

Submitted by: Gabriel Beauséjour, Montreal

“Nothing says Christmas like a steaming bowl of Guinness spare ribs. Enjoy a feed of ribs in front of the fireplace while watching a Christmas movie with your favourite people. Wash it all down with a good stout and you’ll forget all your cares. This is an easy recipe that tastes great. ”

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Veal-stuffed Cannelloni

Submitted by: Serge Vallières, Montreal

“If you want to make this recipe exceptional, use the very best tomato sauce you can. Remember, this is what will make the difference between ordinary and absolutely divine.”

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Soft Pretzels

Submitted by: Hockey Fan, RES PUBLICA

“This recipe for homemade chewy pretzels comes from Sigmund Pretzelshop owner Lina Kulchinsky (via”

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Sweet and Spicy Almonds

Submitted by: Jann Goodwin, Halifax

“This is a recipe I received from former colleague who always brought these in to the office to share around Christmas time. I have had success with it... but she had it nailed. Hers were always the best.”

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Grandma Johnson's Scones

Submitted by: AnnMarie Boudreau, Halifax

“This is my go-to scone recipe for any time of year. I don't know who "Grandma Johnson" is but she knows how to bake! These scones are perfect.”

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Submitted by: Megan McCracken, AXON CTS

“You can make a big batch and can it in mason jars then give it to friends during the holiday season. ”

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